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Managing Erectile Dysfunction-

Managing Erectile Dysfunction- The Tips And Tricks


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to have and keep an erection firm for sexual activity. Men are having a hard time in managing erectile dysfunction, yet there are tips and tricks for the ED condition. 

It is normal for men to have erection trouble sometimes. Having this situation isn’t a primary cause of concern as occasional ED is very common, especially during stressful times. However, frequent ED is an issue. Ongoing erectile dysfunction can be a sign of health problems that might need medication or treatment. 

A study by Cleveland Clinic in 2019 revealed that 1 in 10 men is thought to have erectile dysfunction at some point in his life. Moreover, according to research by the International Journal of Impotence Research, 322 million men are expected to suffer from erectile dysfunction by 2025.  

Men with ED usually suffer from unsatisfactory sex life, anxiety and depression, and low self-esteem. It doesn’t mean the end for men with ED as there may be ways to manage erectile dysfunction. 

To find ways to manage erectile dysfunctions, we must first determine the possible causes of erectile dysfunctions. 


Erectile dysfunction primarily happens when hampering blood flows to the penis, it would help make it rigid and firm. However, other causes may result in erection trouble. 

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical issues such as clogged blood vessels (also known as atherosclerosis), resulting from vascular diseases, diabetes, or neurological diseases. It may also be caused by prostate-related injuries, surgeries, or treatments. 

Erectile dysfunction can also result from untreated medical problems, pornography use, or it can happen as a side effect of a particular medication. 

Moreover, what makes managing erectile dysfunction harder is that it may be caused by a combination of physical diseases and psychological symptoms like too much stress and too much tobacco and alcohol intake. 

While the cause of ED may be complex, there are a number of tips in managing erectile dysfunction

Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Lose Weight

A research made in 2014 by Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski revealed that 79% of men who experience erectile dysfunction are overweight. Moreover, it showed that diabetes and obesity are among the primary causes of the 8 million cases of erectile dysfunction. 

Obesity increases the risks for vascular diseases, leading to erectile dysfunction due to obstruction in the blood vessels. Moreover, it can also result in diabetes, which is also one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. 

Losing weight can help in managing erectile dysfunction as it reduces the risks of having clogged blood vessels. 

Avoid Smoking

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, smoking cigarettes and using drugs are common in younger men with ED. 

According to WebMD’s article, smokers are about twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction as men who do not smoke as tobacco use can obstruct blood flow to the penile artery. 

One way of managing erectile dysfunction is by quitting smoking. Quitting smoking can result in better blood circulation as no tobacco usage can restrict blood circulation to areas of the body, including the penis, which makes it easier to get and keep it firm enough for sex. 

Eat Right

Managing erectile dysfunction can be as easy as eating healthy foods such as fruits, fish, and vegetables as some foods have shown progress in treating ED. 

A review from PubMed Central linked ED and proper diet. The review revealed that men who eat a Mediterranean diet, which suggests consumption of plant-based foods and fish, and avoid high meat intake, are less likely to ED. 

Managing erectile dysfunction may also entail avoiding foods that are high in cholesterol. As much as possible, avoid foods made with added sugar and high in trans fat. These may contribute to the obstruction of blood flow in the blood vessels, resulting in a hard time keeping the penis erection firm. 

Exercise Regularly

As erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by arterial dysfunction, physical activity can help manage erectile dysfunction as exercising aids in blood circulation. One study revealed that a weekly exercise for six months contributes to decreased erection trouble in men with ED. 

One type of exercise men can do is aerobic exercises, which should be at least 40 minutes. It can include a series of activities like running, brisk walking, and cycling. These exercises can improve one’s cardiovascular health, which can reduce risk factors associated with ED.  

Another type of exercise that helps manage erectile dysfunction are kegel exercises as it helps strengthen the muscles in men’s pelvic floor. Kegel exercises specifically target the bulbocavernosus muscle, which is the muscle responsible for erection as it allows the penis to be filled with blood during an erection. 

They help a man’s erection trouble, but Kegel exercises can also help solve common urinary problems. 

Manage Pornography Use

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can not be caused by biological factors but is rather situational. One of the things to consider when having situational erectile dysfunctions is one’s porn use, as it may set unrealistic expectations for partners during sexual intercourse. 

One tip in managing erectile dysfunction is to consider masturbating without the aid of pornographic materials from the Internet. 

According to the survey findings presented at the American Urological Association’s meeting, men addicted to porn are more likely to get and have erectile dysfunction. They are less likely to create the same arousal level they achieved when watching pornography via the Internet. Their tolerance in porn is making them less responsive to real-life stimuli.
Not all tips work the same for the others. While it is good to know tips in managing erectile dysfunction, it is always better to consult your doctor for better ways of dealing with erection trouble.

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