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Myths Vs. Facts

Myth Vs Facts : Does Bicycle Riding Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is a condition wherein men can’t maintain an erection during sexual intercourse with their partner. However, this kind of condition affects the relationship between partners. When it comes to bicycling myths, nothing comes close to this which causes erectile dysfunction among men, especially to older men, since bicycling is one of the known activities older men like to do as part of their day. But it seems that there is some truth over these myth vs. facts scenario, in which we will look in further detail today.

The Facts

According to a study done by experts, it seems that there is a valid fact that will put a huge dent to the myth vs. facts debate over this matter, as they have found out that bike riding in certain scenarios can severely damage the nerves and ultimately compress the penis’ arteries that can result into erectile dysfunction in the end.

The people who ride their bikes usually for more than 3 hours a day are at risk of having this dysfunction on their male genitals.

What Causes This?

Another fact bomb that destroys the myth status of these popular myth vs. facts debate is that the bike’s seat design may cause the said disease, as the perineum is constantly under pressure, which is the area between the genitals and the anus.

Having this kind of pressure can damage the nerves located in the penis, which results in slow blood flow that further results in a tingling sensation or numbness, which will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, There Is A Catch!

You might be on board now on the facts side of the myths vs. facts debacle, but hold your horses as there is another study done that will change your mind about bicycling being a serious problem as a source of ED or even infertility on men.

Another study has been done regarding this to confirm that the act of cycling itself doesn’t pose a major threat for men having ED or infertility, but instead on the designs of the parts of the bicycle that one is using for their bicycling activity. Listed below are those said designs of the bike that may cause ED:

Saddle Shape – having an improper seat design can damage the penis, leading to ED. One should get a properly-shaped and wide enough seat that is comfortable to avoid this issue.

Handlebar Height – making sure that this part of the bike design’s height is in a parallel height or lower than the saddle to avoid having damages to the penis while using the bike itself.

Bike Type – having the proper bike design for you is essential in keeping your penis away from being in a tight spot while cycling, in order to avoid damage during the said activity. Having a laid-back reclining position design over the traditional upright bike design is better in this case.


The issue between the battle of the myth vs. facts seems to result in a draw, as both sides of the debate have reasonable backing. 

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