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signs of erectile dysfunction.

Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction

Introduction And Causes Of ED

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, is the most prevalent sex problem among men, affecting 30 million of them. ED describes the condition as a failure to start and retain a penis erection, especially during sexual nature acts. It is one of the warning signs of erectile dysfunction

ED is caused by physical and mental conditions. Physical risks involve a high blood sugar level, and mental causes could be anxiety, depression, or relationship conflicts. 

Occasionally encountering erections issues is not a total cause for alarm, but when the signs of ED constantly become present, it can cause more complications. It can trigger stress, lower a man’s self-esteem, and cause a disturbance in their relationships. It could also be an indicator of other concealed conditions.  

These are the reasons why signs of erectile dysfunction should not be disregarded. 

Warning Signs Of ED 

One of the first signs is less frequent erections during night time and early mornings, informally known as “morning wood.” Although not linked to aroused sensations, they are caused by the brain’s fewer production of noradrenaline hormones during sleep, hormones that constantly prevent the erection from occurring. 

Recurring “wood” is a sign of healthy blood vessels that release blood flow to the penis. It means less frequent erections signify that one’s blood vessels are not working as intended. 

High cholesterol and blood pressure are also signs of erectile dysfunction. They impair those blood vessels and lose their elastic nature, which in turn, impede the mentioned blood flow to the organ. 

The consumption of medications for high blood pressure and antidepressants can cause the signs of erectile dysfunction. Antidepressants impede norepinephrine, a hormone that triggers aroused sensations to travel to the brain. 

Blood pressure medication, while they lower the level of blood pressure, could lessen the blood flow from the arteries of the heart to the penis. It poses difficulty in retaining an erection. 

More signs of ED involve a noticeable change in an erection’s occurrence, particularly during sex. Sleep deprivation dramatically lowers testosterone levels and gives one stress or anxiety, which minimizes libido and maximizes the risk to ED. 

Medical afflictions, such as kidney diseases, can also cause repercussions to levels of hormones, circulation of blood, and energy. One of the signs of erectile dysfunction is it lowers a man’s enthusiasm towards sex. 

While men with kidney afflictions may recoup that enthusiasm through curing the conditions, not all men with problems in that organ will experience signs of erectile dysfunction


When one is already experiencing erectile dysfunction signs, it’s ideal that they undergo a doctor’s consultation. 

In some cases, the cure may be a change in the consumption of some prescribed medications, impeding the ability to gain an erection. If it has been discovered that ED is being caused by a concealed condition, a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment may be the cure. 

Those could include the measurement of blood pressure, testosterone levels, or cholesterol.

Doctors might also offer ED medications such as Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra, when erectile dysfunction signs are present. 

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