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Why can’t I get hard all of a sudden?

When you see or hear a question like: Why can’t I get hard all of a sudden? You either feel sorry for the person asking or you sympathize with him because you find yourself in exactly the same situation. Either way, the situation is serious one that needs addressing. In this article we will do exactly that and offer various reasons how and why it arises as well as some good solutions to put our friend and ourselves at ease!   

Barriers that inhibit erections

Let’s start by saying that everything that robs any man from having a hard erection should not only be called barriers but also dubbed as erection hijackers that slowly deprive you of your erection from under your very nose.

There are many different types of barriers to having an erections and each one is merciless, sinister, covert, stealthy and without sympathy. To make it worse, you are not aware they are doing their sinister work until you know that you just can’t get it up! They are listed and discussed in detail below:

  1. Exhaustion

Being overworked and overtaxed from physical exertion can spoil everything for you including your libido or sex drive. When impotence is said, the issue becomes a very serious issue and each of us must deal with it.

What can be done? Getting some rest would be the answer but of course even resting can be a problem otherwise, you wouldn’t be overly exhausted just from being overworked because you would sleep the exhaustion off right?

So the only sensible thing to do is in changing your life, perhaps asking your doctor for help, different job or hours of work, otherwise you’re definitely not going to enjoy sex anymore like you used to.

  • Medications

There are medications that can prevent you from having an orgasm and others that don’t allow you to achieve and hold onto an erection for a manly performance. Anti-depressants (Prozac and Zoloft) anti-anxiety pills (Valium), hypertension treatment (Diuril) cold medicines (Sudafed) and anti-heartburn (Zantac) all prevent erections.

There are medications out there that are erection friendly and which in fact effectively treats ED such as sildenafil and you should opt for this treatment rather than suffer at the hands of hijacking medications that actually prevents you from attaining an erectile situation for enjoying sexual activities. Of course there are side effects to any medication but it’s better than not being able to get it up!

  • Recreational drugs

So many people are drawn so much in being able to have sex anytime that they are willing to compromise their health by taking raw street drugs like pot or weeds in their mistaken belief that these are harmless. Wrong, because they can cause problems for having erections.

Some are touted to be able to lessen ones suspicions or anxiety about sex but they just don’t. You really need to widen your selection priorities and get the right kind of prescribed medication from reliable online pharmacists or have a 1on1 talk with your doctor. That’s the solution!

  • Stress

It’s definite that stress is one of the root causes of most erectile dysfunction issues not only of a one-time fluke but in failing to get and maintain an erection over a wide gap in time. Did you know that prolonged stress leads to many other health conditions? If not, it really does such as chest pains, insomnia and others.

How to jump over the hurdle?  Well, you can’t just “talk” away your stress but you can realign your thinking and convince yourself that it’s better to have a healthy sex life than to collide with a heart attack or other debilitating fate in the days ahead. Try relaxing and get into yoga poses, meditation and other stress free activities.

  • Smoking

This habit actually damages your blood vessels and impedes blood flow in your entire body, yes, throughout your body! There’s evidence that people who actually quit smoking achieve firmer and wider erections and maximum sexual arousal more quickly than dose who didn’t quit.

It’s very difficult to induce a change of heart in people who are addicted to smoking and possibly there should be some sort of concerted effort in warning people about this erection hijack killer. No doubt many smokers would quit if they knew that smoking actually smothers erections.

  • Anxiety

This erection hijacker is perhaps one of the best and the amazing thing about anxiety is that it’s self-induced. You can actually create a state of impotence in yourself when you keep mulling over how incompetent you are. You become obsessed with your own inability to get an erection up that when the time comes you just can’t get it up! You panic and you give up, end of story.

The best defense against being anxious is to realize that it’s not you that’s causing the problem. It’s not about your competence or impotence or sexy appearance or lack thereof. You should create a positive thinking approach. Talk to your partner, explain and open up and create a relaxed and understanding situation.

  • Relationships

You may not realize that this erection hijackercan wreck your libido your ability to be fully aroused as well. This happens when you are quarreling, have conflicting views and other disturbances in the home. An the trouble is it’s very difficult to extract yourself by changing the subject or some other tactics.

The good news is that you can improve the situation and put your relationship back on track. Face up to your relationship issues and deal with them head on. Your partner can help you to straighten things out and by mutually knowing what your problems are you can bring them out in the open, deal with them and forget them.

  • Other health issues

Sometimes, other more serious health issues can cramp your space of wellness because the onset of erectile dysfunction is usually an indication of the emergence of other more serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems and a host of other health worries.

The flip side is to take your health seriously and be alert to any shift from the norm.  Quickly spot the appearance of new signs and take action immediately. If erectile dysfunction appears, quickly seek medical assistance. It’s quite likely something more sinister is hiding within.

  • Booze

This erection obstructer is a shifty and difficult one to put aside because of its addictive persistence. It can makes you sweet talk a potential partner but when the time comes your libido seems to fizzles out and leaves you terribly frustrated and annoyed.

Too much means no erection for any length of time so a quick solution is needed. The best is to have a talk with your doctor about your problem and to have the commitment to follow the directions given.

Bottom line

You now have the knowledge and understanding of the leading factors that can actually deprive you of a normal sex life. You have also been informed of the types of solutions that you can apply to your condition. Also you can now confidently answer the question, why can’t I get hard all of a sudden because you’ve been made aware of the kind of erection hijackers you’re up against and how to overcome them.

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