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Extra important aspects of “Sildenafila” you need to know

The unique attributes of “Sildenafila” lie not only in its efficacious and dependable treatment of erectile dysfunction and the precautions you need to take to ensure its total effectiveness in treating your ED condition. It also has to do with all the other aspects of the drug medication that makes it the most effective active ingredient there is on the planet. Let’s have a look as some of these aspects.
Is diet affected by “Sildenafila”?
Whenever the subject of drug medication, or any other medicinal treatment for that matter, is discussed, food also becomes a subject for consideration as well.
Sometimes a topic like food may appear and encroach on the subject of healing and while they may be strange partners, they do interact and can produce situations that may adversely affect your health. Luckily for us only one food has the ability to interfere with the effectiveness of this drug medication – grapefruit.
According to medical experts, in order not to impede the proper function of this drug medication, you
should not eat the meat of the grapefruit and you shouldn’t drink its juice when you’re taking this drug.
What about forgetting your dose?
Yes, this is another problem that can raise its troublesome head now and then and it’s an issue which you should help prevent.
If you are in fact taking “Sildenafila” for treating erectile dysfunction there’s really no issue as this medication is taken whenever needed and not on a regularized dosing regimen.
However, if you are taking the medication for treating other conditions such as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), you should take the missed dose once you become aware that you’ve missed it.
However you should note that you are already on a scheduled dose and if it’s almost time to take it, just forget about the missed dose and take your scheduled dose instead.
Also remember never to take a double dose to make up for the dose you missed.
Side effects caused by “Sildenafila”
Like every other drug medication this erectile dysfunction treatment also causes side effects, and it’s important that you inform your doctor if any of the following symptoms are severe or they refuse to go away:
• sensitivity to sunlight
• difficulty in falling to sleep or in staying asleep
• changes in vision like seeing objects covered with a blue tinge
• inability to differentiate between the colors blue and green
• aching muscles
• tingling, burning and numbness in arms, hands, feet or legs
• nosebleeds
• headache
• flushing (warm feeling)
• diarrhea
• heartburn
Some of the side effects caused by this drug medication can be serious and you are advised to immediately call your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:
• rash
• sudden severe loss of vision
• itching or burning sensation during urination
• blurred vision
• painful erection that lasts for more than 4 hours
• sudden impairment of hearing or loss of hearing
• deteriorating shortness of breath
• chest pain
• fainting
• dizziness or lightheadedness
• ringing sound in the ears
It’s known that some patients experienced a sudden loss of only some or all of their sight following their use of the drug medication or other drug medications which are the same as “Sildenafila”
In some cases, the vision loss was total and permanent but it’s not certain if the loss of vision was directly caused by the drug medication.
If you have a sudden loss of sight while taking this drug medication, you should immediately call your doctor and you should stop taking any more doses of the medication.
Also avoid taking doses of any other medications that are similar to “Sildenafil” such as vardenafil (Levitra) or tadalafil (Cialis).
You can resume your doses when your doctor or pharmacist, advise you to do so.
Reports have indicated that men who took sildenafil for treating erectile dysfunction suffered from heart attack, brain and lung bleedings, high blood pressure and sudden death.
It’s true that most of the men involved had heart problems before taking the drug medication. However it’s not known whether these happenings were caused by “Sildenafila”, heart disease, sexual activity or other causes. Consult your doctor about the risks involved in taking this drug medication.
Reports also indicated that some patients who took the medication suffered a sudden loss of hearing after taking it or after taking other medications similar to this medication.
The loss of hearing involved only one ear which failed to get better after the medication was stopped. It’s not definite whether the loss of hearing was caused by this drug medication.
If you get a sudden loss of hearing accompanied sometimes by ringing in your ears or dizziness while taking this medication, immediately call your doctor.
If you are taking “Sildenafila” (Viagra) for erectile dysfunction, refrain from taking extra doses of sildenafil (Viagra) or other medications similar to it such as ‘tadafila’ (Cialis) or ‘vardenafila’ (Levitra), until you talk to your doctor.
If you are taking “Sildenafila” (Revatio) for treating PAH, you shouldn’t stop your medication until you consult your doctor.
“Sildenafila” is capable of causing other side effects in addition to those already stated above. Promptly call your doctor if you encounter difficult problems while taking this medication.

Storing and disposing of medication waste
Your own safety and healing are of primary importance, but the safety of others is also of immense importance especially children and the mishandling of drug medication waste can jeopardize both.
You should pay close attention to what is to follow and to act accordingly.
Storing used “Sildenafila” medication waste:
• you should securely keep all your medication in the container in which they arrived and kept out of the reach of children.
• The tablets should be securely stored at room temperature and distanced from hot spots and wet areas (the reason why the bathroom is not a good storage place).
• If you get this drug medication in suspension you should also store it at room temperature or in the refrigerator, but make sure the liquid medication doesn’t freeze.
• You must dispose of any unconsumed suspension after 60 days.
Children must not reach the medication waste so make sure that:
• All medication is out of sight and reach of children, the reason being that numerous medicinal containers such as weekly pill minders and those used for keeping inhalers, patches, creams and eye drop, must be securely stored and kept away from children.
• Protect children from possible poisoning by always securing safety caps and storing the medicine receptacle in a secure place that is far away from their eyes and reach.
• Medications that aren’t needed should be disposed of by using very secure methods that prevents children and even pets as well as other people from consuming them.
• You avoid flushing waste medication down the toilet but instead use the safest method such as a take-back program for disposing your medication waste.
• You should make an effort in approaching your pharmacist and local garbage/recycling unit on how to make use of the take-back program in your town.
Bottom line
It’s always crucial to ensure that you have a complete grasp and understanding of all information relating to drug medication, which in this instant is “Sildenafila”, the most potent and efficacious ED medication now available on the market. It should be noted that the section of storing and disposing of waste medication deals directly with safety that can impact the very lives of your loved ones including pets so you should pay close attention an act on them.

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