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Can lack of exercise cause erectile dysfunction? Part 1

An erectile dysfunction condition is usually associated with a low libido when you somehow lose your sex drive or urge to engage in sexual activity. The situation usually arises when the body has remained stationary for a long time and the blood flow slackens to a trickle instead of a surging tide. It’s during these times that many people ask the question: Can lack of exercise cause erectile dysfunction? The answer of course is Yes, it does!

Remember these factors when exercising

It’s normal that a person will only be able to perform a maximum of three or four exercises in a single session. You should nevertheless strive to build your strength by practicing your exercises on a daily basis so that erectile dysfunction will not affect your sex life.

With time you should be able to repeat your exercises to 10 repetitions of each exercise daily. This will maintain a strong blood flow throughout your body and enable you to achieve and maintain erections.

Other ED exercises

Some people find aerobic exercises to be of benefit to them in connection with erectile dysfunction. If you find yourself so inclined, here are some examples in which you can involve yourself:

  • Boxing
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Skipping
  • Cycling
  • rowing

For best results, aerobic exercises should be performed on a continuous basis for at least 6 months.

Some pointers to ponder

It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t engage in some type of exercise over a long period of time, you may become susceptible to erectile dysfunction and at the same time a low libido.

The main reason is of course that when you exercise, you can maintain a strong circulation of blood throughout your body but more important, a strong bloodflow will definitely induce strong erections for enjoying a satisfying sex life.

Bloodflow in your body becomes sluggish perhaps because your blood contains large amounts of fat and sugar or your blood vessels have become clogged up with plague making it difficult for you to have erections. However, exercising can restore a strong bloodflow.

Exercising can be done even if you’ve never exercised very much in your life or even if you are obese and health experts believe that it’s never too late to start exercising to get that strong and sustained flow of blood through your body.

How can exercising help your condition?

For starters, exercise can rejuvenate your low libido and also improve your erectile dysfunction. We’ve all been brought up with the notion that exercising is a normal part of our lives which we should find time to do and enjoy.

There’s no doubt that our parents told us that exercising is a healthy activity for both our minds and hearts and lowers the risk of being easily infected by other kinds of health problems. However, parents may have done what many other parents didn’t do to tell us that exercising also plays a very important role in our sex life.

Nevertheless, health gurus strongly believe exercising can greatly improve your ebbing libido and make your penis stand hard and ready for sexual activity. Some even go so far as to say that it is the best panacea for erectile dysfunction. The alternative of course is that a lack of exercise is most likely to cause ED and low libido.

How exercising can cure ED

Firstly, your penis needs to be engorged with blood to attain and maintain an erection. Then the blood pressure inside your penis needs to increase so your penis can become hard. This means that for a proper erection, a good bloodflow is required.

If anything interrupts the bloodflow then you will most likely be unable to achieve and maintain an erection. Fortunately, that’s exactly what exercising does; it greatly increases the bloodflow in your body in many ways and not just in one way.  What are these many ways that exercise increases you bloodflow? Here are some of them:

Physical and mental systems

Both your mind and body are extremely complex systems that need to be constantly honed and kept in good shape. This is the main role of exercising which they both need in order to function properly and this is understandable because exercise does many things to the mind and body.

Residue and dirt

When a person exercises he/she actively helps in cleaning up the dirt that’s found in many parts of the mind and body and also does all the repairs the body and mind need as well as replacing their damaged parts.

It also carries out tests and troubleshoots parts that are malfunctioning and normalizes any imbalances that are found in the systems. Exercising actually optimizes performance and makes sure that everything is in perfect condition. All these corrective functions help stimulate a strong bloodflow.

Key reasons why exercise is beneficial

In addition to being the activity that makes both mind and body function smoothly, exercising also performs three main functions. It improves the bloodflow, it helps you to overcome your erectile dysfunction condition and it helps improve your sagging sex drive or libido.

Exercise does these things through a host of other smaller functions that do everything to update and tune up the body so that it can function as a perfect unit and achieve its goals, one of them being to improve the condition of people suffering from erectile dysfunction. Here are the reasons why exercise is so beneficial:

  • Your cardiovascular system is strengthened.
  • New blood vessels are formed into existence throughout your body
  • The ability of the body to produce nitric acid in your blood vessels is enhanced
  • Production of testosterone in your body is increased
  • Production of  dopamine is enhanced
  • Excess glucose in the body is burnt
  • Your cells become more sensitive to the effects of insulin
  • Nitric acid already in the body is preserved and kept in good condition
  • Your HDL/LDL cholesterol balance is improved
  • High blood pressure (hypertension) is reduced
  • Excess triglycerides is reduced
  • Excess fructose and sucrose is reduced.

Bottom line

It’s obvious from the information contained in this article that kegel exercises certainly offer an exercising method that can fully answer the question, can lack of exercise cause erectile dysfunction. There’s not only one type of kegel exercise but several which means it has been used for some time and can be broken up into different routines using different bodily poses, movements and focus.

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